LDRD Annual Report

Laboratory Directed
Research and Development Program
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Fiscal Year 2022
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Image: Numerical simulation of dynamic fracture, comminution, and compaction of a brittle granular material. Color contours show shear stress with black indicating damaged material and fracture surfaces. Simulations performed by Michael Homel using the LLNL GEOS Material Point Method (MPM) code, which provides robust tools for modeling large-deformation, contact, and fracture of brittle materials as described in: Homel, Michael A., and Eric B. Herbold. "Field‐gradient partitioning for fracture and frictional contact in the material point method." International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 109.7 (2017): 1013-1044.

The LDRD program brings together diverse teams and collaborators to innovate mission-driven solutions, advance the frontiers of science and technology, and develop our world-class workforce.

- Kimberly S. Budil, Director