Bioscience and Bioengineering

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
Battling Long Coronavirus Disease 2019 in the Brain: Elucidating Mechanisms of Neural Dysfunction 22-DR-007 Disruptive Research Continuing
Biological Additive Manufacturing Capabilities for Enabling Rapid Response to Emerging Pathogens 21-ERD-039 Exploratory Research Continuing
Bioprinting of Engineered Biofilms for Microbial Electrosynthesis 20-ERD-013 Exploratory Research Final
Bioprinting the Unprintable with Unjammed Powder Printing 21-LW-009 Lab-Wide Final
Carbon-14-Labeled Microbes to Track the Fates of Microbial Metabolites: A Potential Technical Approach to Define the Gut-Brain Axis in Animal Models 22-FS-002 Feasibility Study Continuing
Controlling Access to the Brain: Fine-Tuning Permeability of the Blood-Brain Barrier 22-ERD-038 Exploratory Research Continuing
Cure the Incurable: Supercharged Immune Cells to Fight Disease 22-LW-061 Lab-Wide Continuing
Delivering Ribonucleic Acid Vaccines Using Nanoparticles 20-ERD-004 Exploratory Research Final
Development of Advanced Terahertz Chiroptical Spectroscopy for Biological and Chemical Security 22-ERD-056 Exploratory Research Continuing
Do Reprogrammed Brain Cells Hold the Key to Healing Damaged Networks After Traumatic Brain Injury? 21-LW-014 Lab-Wide Final
Eavesdropping on Cancer: Developing Blood-Based Exosome Diagnostics 21-LW-028 Lab-Wide Continuing
Engineered Human Vascular Models to Study Endothelial Dysfunction in Infectious Disease 22-LW-088 Lab-Wide Continuing
Engineering a Biosynthetic Pathway for Glycolonitrile, a High Energy Material Precursor 22-ERD-051 Exploratory Research Continuing
Fiery Effects of Wildfire Smoke Inhalation 22-LW-001 Lab-Wide Continuing
Flexible and High-Density Nerve Interface for Peripheral Neuromodulation 20-ERD-054 Exploratory Research Final
Fungal Pneumonia: Understanding Immune Vulnerabilities that Cause Valley Fever 22-ERD-010 Exploratory Research Continuing
High-Resolution Bioprinted Hierarchical Lung Tissue Model for Studying Respiratory Threats 22-ERD-044 Exploratory Research Continuing
Invisible Organ: The Next Level of Human Health and Resilience 22-SI-002 Strategic Initiative Continuing
Microbial Recycling of Plastic-Polymer-Bonded Rare Earth Magnets 22-LW-034 Lab-Wide Continuing
Microbiome Controls on Harmful Algal Toxin Production in Lake Erie 20-ERD-061 Exploratory Research Continuing