Investigation of Ultrahigh-Pressure Phase Transitions in Metals with a Toroidal Diamond Anvil Cell

Zsolt Jenei | 17-ERD-038

Executive Summary

We are providing high-accuracy equation-of-state data for metals over an unprecedented range of pressures under static compression using newly designed diamond anvil cells. We are researching new physics in this regime of extreme conditions and developing new experiment-based understandings of the physics driving material transitions.

Publications and Presentations

Jenei, Z., et al. 2018. "Single Crystal Toroidal Diamond Anvils for High Pressure Experiments Beyond 5 Megabar." Nature Communications 9: 3563. LLNL-JRNL-746958.

O'Bannon, E. F., et al. 2018. "Culet Diameter and the Maximum Pressure of a Diamond Anvil Cell: Implications for the Upper Pressure Limit of a DAC." Review of Scientific Instruments . LLNL-JRNL-752817.