Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

High-Energy-Density Science

LDRD Annual Report FY2018


A High-Fluence, High-Energy X-Ray Source Using Laser–Plasma Instabilities
Patrick Poole | 17-ERD-109

Accurate Temperature Determination from X-Ray Diffraction and Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Measurements
Federica Coppari | 18-ERD-001

An Optical Interferometry Diagnostic for Hohlraum Plasma Characterization Experiments on the National Ignition Facility
George Swadling | 17-ERD-072

A Short-Pulse, Laser-Driven Particle Beam Capability
Tammy Ma | 17-ERD-039

Defining the Direction of Nuclear-Plasma Interaction Research at the National Ignition Facility
Darren Bleuel | 18-ERD-061

Effects of Magnetic Fields on Transport in Laser-Driven Nonequilibrium Plasmas
Gregory Kemp | 17-ERD-027

Effects of Pressure-Induced Ionization Potential Depression on Material Properties
Amy Jenei | 17-ERD-025

Exploring Deuterium-Tritium Gas-Filled Hohlraums as a High-Field Neutron Source
Matthias Hohenberger | 18-ERD-059

Exploring Laser-Produced Relativistic Pair Plasma Jets
Hui Chen | 17-ERD-010

Extending Laser-Driven X-Ray Sources to High-Energy-Density Science Facilities
FĂ©licie Albert | 16-ERD-024

Foams in Hohlraums
Ogden Jones | 17-ERD-118

High-Fidelity Kinetic Modeling of Plasmas in Z-Pinch and Pulsed-Power Configurations
Genia Vogman | 18-ERD-048

High-Pressure Thermal Conductivity of Iron
Jon Eggert | 17-ERD-075

Imaging Dynamics of Defects Far from Equilibrium
Leora Dresselhaus-Cooper | 18-ERD-063

Improving Density Functional Theory for Warm Dense Matter
Aurora Pribram-Jones | 18-ERD-050

Hybrid Drive on the National Ignition Facility
Ryan Nora | 17-ERD-086

In Situ Probes of Granular Media Under Compression
Minta Akin | 16-ERD-010

Investigation of Ultrahigh-Pressure Phase Transitions in Metals with a Toroidal Diamond Anvil Cell
Zsolt Jenei | 17-ERD-038

Kinetics of Incipient Stages of Phase Transitions
Raymond Smith | 17-ERD-014

Measuring Astrophysically Relevant Reaction Rates in a High-Energy-Density Laboratory
Gary Grim | 17-ERD-110

Measuring the Asymptotic Behavior of Self-Generated B Magnetic Fields in a Hohlraum Geometry
John Moody | 17-ERD-084

Metal Ejecta: Transport, Interaction, and Recollection
Channing Huntington | 18-ERD-060

Metallic Helium at Extreme Density Inside Giant Planets and White Dwarf Stars
Peter Celliers | 17-ERD-085

Microphysics Studies of Hohlraum Dynamics
Drew Higginson | 17-ERD-060

Next-Generation Hohlraums for High Coupling Efficiency
Peter Amendt | 17-ERD-119

New Quantum Simulation Capability for Ultrahigh-Temperature, High-Energy-Density Science
Sebastien Hamel | 16-ERD-011

Numerical Simulations of Dust-Grain Collisions with Interstellar Spacecraft
Richard London | 17-ERD-091

Pressure Ionization in Ultra-High-Density Plasmas
Tilo Doeppner | 18-ERD-033

Probing the Interface Stability of Implosions
Otto Landen | 17-ERD-088

Probing Liquid Phases and f-Electron Systems at the Dynamic Compression Sector
Dayne Fratanduono | 18-ERD-012

Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Electronic Transport in Nonlinear Regimes
Alfredo Correa Tedesco | 18-ERD-031

Simulating Magnetized Particle Dynamics in Z-Pinch Plasmas
Mikhail Dorf | 18-ERD-007

Simulations of Interpenetrating Plasmas
Debojyoti Ghosh | 17-ERD-081

Study of Iron K-Alpha Spectra in a Compact X-Ray Atmosphere
Sebastien Le Pape | 17-ERD-079

Study of Kinetic Plasma Dynamics and Field Degradation in Inertial Confinement Fusion
Hans Rinderknecht | 18-ERD-047

The Design of a Solid-State Streak Detector
Philip Datte | 17-ERD-032

Understanding Plasma Divertor Detachment in Fusion Power Reactors
Adam Mclean | 17-ERD-020

X-Ray Optics Solutions for Studying Mesoscale Science
Stefan Hau-Riege | 18-ERD-014