Investigating the Site of the Weak Rapid Neutron Capture Process

Wei Jia Ong | 19-ERD-036

Executive Summary

We are utilizing a combination of nuclear reaction rate measurements, computational modelling, and presolar grain isotopic measurements to test the viability of the neutrino-driven wind in a core collapse supernova as a source of elements between selenium and silver. If successful, we will resolve open questions about the weak rapid neutron capture process, thereby making a significant contribution to the field of nuclear astrophysics.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Ong, W. 2020a. "Galactic Forensics Utilizing Stellar Debris to Investigate Explosive Nucleosynthesis." Lemont, IL, February 2020. LLNL-ABS-793723

——— 2020b. "Production and Impact of Urca Nuclides. American Physical Society Division of Nuclear Physics Meeting (online), October 2020. LLNL-ABS-812077