Optimizing Engineered Flow-Through Electrodes for Energy Applications

Marcus Worsley | 16-ERD-051


For energy-related processes, such as energy storage, catalysis, and desalination, mass transport is coupled with electrode processes. The need for fast mass transport is especially significant for flow batteries, since these systems use dilute solutions prone to forming concentration gradients, leading to efficiency losses. However, optimization of flow battery design is difficult since electrode pore size is critical, and control of pore morphology is poor.

In this project, we developed a capability enabling rapid design and production of engineered, high performance flow-through electrodes tailored for specific applications. We achieved this capability through innovations in electrode fabrication and design optimization. For electrode fabrication, we developed a light-based, 3D printing process to create hierarchical pore structures with arbitrary complexity and order-of-magnitude finer features. This fabrication technique enables the realization of electrodes based on our design optimization tool. Specifically, flow modeling and optimization were used to design the pore morphology of an electrode that effectively decouples the interdependence of mass transfer and reaction rate, i.e., surface area, on a global scale. This design allows mass transport and reaction rates to be independently optimized, resulting in significant gains for both the performance and efficiency of the flow battery.

Impact on Mission

Our work leveraged Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's core capabilities in advanced materials and manufacturing as well as computational science and engineering. Our results directly support the energy and climate security mission focus area as they advance flow-through electrodes in energy storage and capacitive desalination.

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