High-Performance Computing, Simulation, and Data Science


Variable Precision Computing

Jeffrey Hittinger (17-SI-004)

Disruptive changes in high-performance computing hardware, where data motion is the dominant cost, present us with an opportunity to reshape how numbers are stored and moved in computing.   >>


Computational Design Automation

Daniel Tortorelli (17-SI-005)

We are developing an automated design-optimization system for use in additive manufacturing.   >>

Integrated Mesoscale Approach for Predicting Ionic Conductivity in Solid Electrolytes
Brandon C. Wood | (15-ERD-022)

New Computational Methods for Scalable Genome Variation Discovery
Jonathan Allen | (15-ERD-023)

Acceleration of Ptychographic Microscopy Reconstruction
J. S. Kallman | (15-ERD-028)

Algorithm for First-Principles Molecular Dynamics of Metals at Extreme Scales
Daniel Osei-Kuffuor | (15-ERD-032)

Failure Recovery Abstractions for Large-Scale Parallel Applications
Ignacio Laguna Peralta | (15-ERD-039)

Predictive Models Based on Disjointed Feature Sets for Applications in Biomedicine and Cyber Security
Priyadip Ray | (15-ERD-053)

In-Memory Associative Indexing
Maya Gokhale | (16-ERD-005)

Modeling Spatial and Temporal Coupling in High-Contrast Grating Compressors Utilizing High-Performance Computing
Nils Petersson | (16-ERD-018)

Computational Framework for Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Management of Large-Dimensional Dynamics Models
Xiao Chen | (16-ERD-023)

Topology Optimization of Multifunctional Materials
Geoffrey Oxberry | (16-ERD-025)

Multimodal Learning on Big Brain Data
Alan Kaplan | (16-ERD-034)

Improving Simulation Workflows: A Data Analytics Approach
Ming Jiang | (16-ERD-036)

High-Dimensional Spectral-Sampling Techniques
Jayaraman Jayaraman Thiagarajan | (17-ERD-009)

Detecting Data-Races in High-Performance Computing
Markus Schordan| (17-ERD-023)

Simulation of Biased Random Walks in an Asynchronous Graph Framework
Geoffrey Sanders | (17-ERD-024)

Projection-Based Model Reduction with Applications in Transport and Hydrodynamics Simulation
Robert Anderson | (17-ERD-026)

Multiple-Rate Integrators for Differential Equations
Carol Woodward | (17-ERD-035)

Rapid Closed-Loop Control of Additive Manufacturing with Machine Learning
Brian Giera | (17-ERD-037)

Advanced Adaptive Optics Algorithms for Astronomical and X-Ray Applications
Lisa Poyneer | (17-ERD-063)

Exploring Laser Directed-Energy Lethality and Vulnerability
Robert Nourgaliev | (17-ERD-076)

Robust Decentralized Signal Processing and Distributed Control of Autonomous Sensor Networks
Ryan Goldhahn | (17-ERD-101)