Advanced Photopolymer Materials Engineering for Multiscale Additive Fabrication

Maxim Shusteff | 19-ERD-012

Project Overview

The overall project objective was to develop and demonstrate new photocurable materials for additive manufacturing (AM) with improved performance and superior properties. Leveraging the recent innovation known as volumetric AM (VAM) co-invented by UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), we developed several new photocurable material systems which are challenging or impossible to implement using layer-by-layer printing methods. Characterizing these curing processes in detail, as well as incorporating computational simulation, enabled a deeper understanding of the polymers' molecular and kinetic behavior during curing. We demonstrated new materials that included tunable thiol-ene thermosets ranging from tough to flexible, silicone elastomers, and the softest biocompatible hydrogels that have been 3D printed to-date. The control we have attained over reaction progress and polymer network formation also illuminates related processes in more traditional layer-wise photopolymer 3D printing.

Mission Impact

LLNL has a thriving core competency in Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, which supports a variety of mission areas. Approximately 30 AM systems at LLNL (both custom-built and commercial) rely on photopolymer resin-based processes. The advancements in science and technology tools due to this project are yielding continued benefits for all these systems in part quality, materials performance, and process reliability. Additionally, by coupling these hardware and materials advancements with computational models (part of LLNL's High Performance Computing and Simulation Core Competency), we have further strengthened the material development and process control within the AM portfolio. This work has also spawned new LDRD research directions, including projects in bioprinting model lung tissue, and developing VAM-printable glass. The project led to the hiring of two postdoctoral staff and one scientific and engineering staff member. Finally, the maturation of the relevant photopolymer science is drawing increased attention from program sponsors, seeking demonstrations of the relevant technologies for fabricating challenging components. We anticipate a continued increase in engagement from these sponsors.

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