Nanoscale Three-Dimensional Printing of Metallic Structures via Femtosecond Projection Two-Photon Reduction

Sourabh Saha | 19-FS-066


The recently developed femtosecond projection lithography (FP-TPL) enables high throughput additive manufacturing of three-dimensional (3D) polymer structures through the two-photon absorption process. However, the possibility that the two-photon absorption process could also be performed in metal-containing feedstock materials (resists) to generate 3D metallic structures via photoreduction had not been explored.

Our study evaluated the feasibility of using FP-TPL to additively manufacture complex, 3D metallic structures with nanoscale features. The feasibility of printing two-dimensional metallic structures was demonstrated with two-photon absorption. We believe this capability will extend into 3D printing of metallic structures with FP-TPL

Impact on Mission

Our study leveraged Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's core competencies in advanced materials and manufacturing and informed future efforts supporting the Laboratory Director's initiative to develop rapid, efficiency additive manufacturing technologies.