An Alternative Rare-Event Detector

Steven Dazeley | 17-ERD-016

Executive Summary

We are developing (1) novel technologies that will increase the sensitivity of nuclear reactor antineutrino detectors that are deployable aboveground with reduced shielding requirements and (2) a first-of-its kind detection technique sensitive to the direction of a reactor antineutrino flux. This research supports national missions in nonproliferation and is relevant to newly proposed neutrino experiments that will test the Standard Model of particle physics.

Publications and Presentations

Dazeley, S., T. Classen, and A. Mabe. 2018. "Towards Directional Sensitivity to Reactor Antineutrinos with a Segmented Pulse Shape iscriminating (PSD) Plastic Scintillator Detector." Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications. LLNL-ABS-746899.

Mabe, A. N., et al. 2018. "Scintillator Materials Development at LLNL." Presentation. Livermore, CA. LLNL-PRES-759723.