Advanced Materials and Manufacturing - 2015

Fy2015 ldrd annual report cover

A Three-Dimensional Radioisotope Battery (13-ERD-004)

Micro-Reflector Array for High-Speed Directed-Light-Field Projection (13-ERD-009)

Rapid Synthesis, Functionalization, and Assembly of Nanometer-Scale Particles for Designer Materials (13-ERD-022)

Theoretical and Computational Studies of Rare Earth Substitutes: A Test Bed for Accelerated Materials Development (13-ERD-044)

High-Explosive Components Using Advanced Manufacturing Methods (13-ERD-051)

Quantum Monte Carlo Benchmarks for Materials on Demand (13-ERD-067)

Strength and Phase Transformation Kinetics Under Dynamic Compression (13-ERD-078)

Accelerated Certification for Additively Manufactured Metals (13-SI-002)

Time-Dependent Measurement of Carbon Condensation and Void Collapse in Detonating High Explosives (14-ERD-018)

Structural Freestanding Films with Atomic-Scale Thickness (14-ERD-025)

Ternary Alloy Development for Enhanced Safety and Performance of Fusion Systems (14-ERD-035)

From Topological Surfaces to Magnetic Collapse of f-Shell Electron Quantum Materials (14-ERD-041)

Real-Time Adaptive X-Ray Optics (14-ERD-056)

Multifunctional Metamaterials (14-ERD-064)

Advanced Synthesis and Characterization Techniques for Ultrahard Film Growth (14-ERD-067)

Optimal Fabrication Methodologies for Additive Manufacturing (14-ERD-087)

Extending Atomistic Simulation to Mesoscale in Time and Length (14-ERD-094)

Modeling Materials Under Strongly Driven Conditions (14-ERD-103)

Developing a Compact, High-Power Pulsed Generator System (14-LW-009)

Deterministic Multifunctional Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (14-SI-004)

Microstructure Evolution During Rapid Solidification: In Situ Characterization and Mesoscale Modeling (15-ERD-006)

Accelerated Development of Multiscale Materials (15-ERD-019)

Rational Design and Optimization of Additively Manufactured Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Composites (15-ERD-030)

Energetic Ligands for High-Power Metal Complexes (15-ERD-036)

Physics of Laser-Assisted Advanced Manufacturing Processes (15-ERD-037)

Manipulating Optical and Electromagnetic Properties Through Hierarchical Metamaterials (15-ERD-043)

New Candidate Booster and Detonator Materials (15-ERD-044)

Mesoscale-Crystal Architectures (15-FS-006)

X-Ray Pump-and-Probe Experiments with a Free-Electron Laser (15-LW-002)

Spin-Based Broadband Terahertz Radiation from Topological Insulators (15-LW-018)

Freeze-Drying Aerosols: A Facile Route to Metal Particles with Nanometer-Scale Pores (15-LW-074)

Ultralight Mechanical Metamaterials with Ordered Hierarchies (15-LW-083)