Functional Photoresists for Energy Applications

Juergen Biener | 18-ERD-004

Project Overview

Monolithic ultralow-density porous bulk materials have attracted much interest due to many emerging applications in the areas of catalysis, energy storage and conversion, and thermal insulation. Monolithic ultralow-density porous bulk materials are also important components of high-energy-density (HED) and inertial confinement fusion (ICF) targets. However, despite tremendous progress made in the synthesis of porous materials, deterministic and independent control over microscopic architecture, density, and composition remain key issues. In addition, their integration with high-precision devices requires cost- and time-intensive mechanical machining that reduces reproducibility by generating debris, and limits the complexity of the three-dimensional (3D) shapes that can be realized.

In our project, we solved these challenges by developing a universal templating capability that provides deterministic and independent control over density, composition, architecture, and macroscopic sample shape. This was achieved by developing the technology to (1) 3D-print ultra-high resolution, ultra-high precision polymeric micro-lattice templates; (2) coat these templates with the desired materials; and (3) remove the template. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) provides the atomic-scale coating-thickness required to precisely control density. We also developed a templating approach for carbon microlattices applicable to HED and broader applications using additive manufacturing technologies.

Mission Impact

This project directly supports Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's core competencies in high-energy-density (HED) science and advanced materials and manufacturing, as well as the Laboratory's mission focus areas in stockpile stewardship and energy and resource security. Technologies developed under this project support the Laboratory's National Ignition Facility, and may impact other fields, such as energy storage and conversion, catalysis, and possibly structures for bioengineering.

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