Mid- and High-Z Doping of High Purity, Density Tunable Amorphous Carbon Films on Complex Geometries

Steven Falabella | 20-ERD-042

Executive Summary

We are developing a thin film deposition system for coating non-planar surfaces with amorphous carbon coatings with tunable density and composition for next-generation inertial confinement fusion ablator materials and protective coatings for fiber sensors. More readily doped grain-boundary-free carbon represent a new material system can improve drive stability for high-energy-density science and stockpile stewardship tests.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Miller, John. Ceballos-Sanchez, A.; Kucheyev, S.; Falabella, S. “Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon from Magnetized Hollow Cathode Discharges.” In International Conference of Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films, San Diego. 2021.

Miller, J., A. Ceballos, L. B. Bayu Aji, A. Moore, C. Wasz, S. O. Kucheyev, S. Elhadj, and S. Falabella. 2020. “Hollow-Cathode Chemical Vapor Deposition of Thick, Low-Stress Diamond-like Carbon Films,” Thin Solid Films 714 (November). Elsevier B.V. doi:10.1016/j.tsf.2020.138394.