Microphysics Studies of Hohlraum Dynamics

Drew Higginson | 17-ERD-060


We successfully demonstrated the feasibility and utility of modeling the effects of kinetic physics in gas-filled hohlraums using high-fidelity simulation tools. We found that hybrid particle-in-cell simulations utilizing quasi-neutral, fluid electrons and kinetic ions are powerful tools to understand the kinetic physics of interpenetration and mix relevant to low-gas-fill (near-vacuum) hohlraums. We have benchmarked the code, Chicago, against OMEGA laser experiments designed to mimic conditions found in hohlraums. The code was able to reproduce data from x-ray imaging and Thomson spectra resolved over both time and space. The experiments highlighted kinetic-ion effects, such as increased penetration depth, that could only be resolved with a kinetic model. Using Chicago, we have run preliminary simulations of full-scale hohlraum experiments that include laser raytracing, equation-of-state and ionization, radiation transport, and accurate experimental geometries. Continuation of this work will support predictive hohlraum models at low-gas-fill and identify the better regimes of hohlraum design with the potential for improved coupling and capsule symmetry.

Impact on Mission

The development of predictive hohlraum capability is of fundamental interest for achieving ignition on the National Ignition Facility (NIF) and for design of other high-energy-density experiments. This project supports Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's mission focus area of inertial fusion science and technology and the DOE mission in science and energy as part of the strategic objective to support an environmentally responsible, secure, and resilient U.S. energy infrastructure. Our research has proven the ability of hybrid kinetic-ion simulations to model large-scale NIF-relevant experiments. This simulation technique has the potential to improve the physics basis for predictive hohlraum models and identify better regimes of hohlraum design with the potential for improved coupling and capsule symmetry.

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