Lattice Reinforced Cermet Materials

Andrew Pascall | 21-ERD-044

Project Overview

This project developed ceramic-metal (cermet) composite materials reinforced with embedded metal lattices. The goal of the project was to develop materials that have a higher tensile and compressive strength as well as greater fracture toughness than conventional boron carbide–aluminum cermets. These materials have structural applications as well as applications in advanced vehicle and personnel armors.

Specifically, this project developed advanced processing methods utilizing additive manufacturing techniques to develop boron carbide–aluminum cermets with reinforced aluminum lattice structures inside of the cermet. A new mechanical testing apparatus was constructed to determine the fracture toughness of the materials produced in this project. Preliminary results show increased performance of cermets with embedded reinforcing lattices compared with conventional cermets.

Mission Impact

This project explored the intersection of materials under extreme conditions and advanced additive manufacturing, furthering the core competency in advanced materials and manufacturing. The research expanded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's program in advanced ceramics processing, and is immediately applicable to armor materials relevant to DOE and Department of Defense missions. The project will have longer term impact on the development of structural ceramic components and advanced ceramics processing.