High-Performance Computing, Simulation, and Data Science

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
Advanced Parameterizations for Topology Optimization via Projection 19-FS-004 Seth Watts Feasibility Study Final
Advanced Physics Models for Particle-Particle Interactions 19-ERD-025 Kambiz Salari Exploratory Research Progress
Automatic Design of Transport Systems Through Topology Optimization on Adaptively Refined Computational Grids 19-ERD-035 Victor Beck Exploratory Research Progress
Beating Monte Carlo: The Polynomial Method in Lattice Problems 19-DR-013 Christian Scullard Disruptive Research Progress
Control of Superconducting Quantum Circuits 17-ERD-006 Lisa Poyneer Exploratory Research Final
Deep Multitask Learning for Predictive Oncology 18-ERD-017 Ana Paula De Oliveira Sales Exploratory Research Progress
Detecting Data Races in High-Performance Computing 17-ERD-023 Markus Schordan Exploratory Research Final
Engineering a Quantum Methuselah Using Phononic Band Gaps 18-FS-036 Yaniv Rosen Feasibility Study Final
Evaluating Field-Programmable Gate Arrays with Proxy Applications 19-FS-017 Naoya Maruyama Feasibility Study Final
Expanding Control of Quantum Processor Units 19-ERD-013 Jonathan DuBois Exploratory Research Progress
Heterogeneous Computing Elements: A Quantitative Evaluation 19-ERD-004 Maya Gokhale Exploratory Research Progress
High-Dimensional Spectral-Sampling Techniques 17-ERD-009 Jayaraman Thiagarajan Exploratory Research Final
High-Order Finite Elements for Thermal Radiative Transfer on Curved Meshes 18-ERD-002 Terry Haut Exploratory Research Progress
High-Performance Parallel Simulations for Whole-Cell Modeling 19-ERD-030 Ali Navid Exploratory Research Progress
Hypothesis Testing via Artificial Intelligence: Generating Physically Interpretable Models of Scientific Data with Machine Learning 19-DR-003 Brenden Petersen Disruptive Research Progress
Large-Scale Multimodal Deep Learning for Nuclear Nonproliferation Analysis 17-SI-003 Barry Chen Strategic Initiatives Final
Machine Learning for Constitutive Modeling on an Exascale Computing Platform 19-FS-050 Michael Homel Feasibility Study Final
MADSTARE: Modeling and Analysis for Data-Starved or Ambiguous Environments 19-SI-004 Michael Schneider Strategic Initiatives Progress
Methods for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 18-ERD-021 Gerald Friedland Exploratory Research Progress
Modeling Thermal and Quantum Magnetic Fluctuations in Correlated Materials 17-ERD-041 Babak Sadigh Exploratory Research Final
Multiple-Rate Integrators for Differential Equations 17-ERD-035 Carol Woodward Exploratory Research Final
Next Generation Machine Learning 19-ERD-007 Peer-Timo Bremer Exploratory Research Progress
Nuclear Dynamics on a Quantum Chip 19-DR-005 Sofia Quaglioni Disruptive Research Progress
Projection-Based Model Reduction with Applications in Radiation Transport and Hydrodynamics Simulation 17-ERD-026 Robert Anderson Exploratory Research Final
Prototyping Exascale Graph Analytics 19-FS-009 Roger Pearce Feasibility Study Final
Quantum Optimal Control Using High-Performance Computing 19-FS-014 N. Anders Petersson Feasibility Study Final
Robust Decentralized Signal Processing and Distributed Control of Autonomous Sensor Networks 17-ERD-101 Ryan Goldhahn Exploratory Research Final
Scalable Multilevel Training of Large Neural Networks 19-ERD-019 Colin Ponce Exploratory Research Progress
Simulation of Biased Random Walks in an Asynchronous Graph Framework 17-ERD-024 Geoffrey Sanders Exploratory Research Final
Simulations of Interpenetrating Plasmas 17-ERD-081 Debojyoti Ghosh Exploratory Research Progress
The Development of High-Order Interface Tracking Schemes for the Simulation of Multiphase Flows 18-ERD-053 Bryce Campbell Exploratory Research Progress
Variable Precision Computing 17-SI-004 Jeffrey Hittinger Strategic Initiatives Final
XPlacer: Extensible and Portable Optimizations of Data Placement in Memory 18-ERD-006 Chunhua Liao Exploratory Research Progress