Elusive Actinium: A First Glimpse into the Coordination Chemistry of Element 89

Gauthier Deblonde | 20-LW-017

Executive Summary

We will synthesize the first actinium (element 89) coordination compound, which, in combination with spectroscopic characterizations and the application of density functional theory, will deliver much-needed insight into its chemistry and advance the development of actinium-based pharmaceuticals. This fundamental research in the coordination chemistry of actinides could lead to progress in our understanding of the stability of rare earth and actinide ligand complexes critical to materials used to fulfill a range of national missions.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

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Deblonde, G. 2020. "Spectrophotometric methods to probe the solution chemistry of lanthanide complexes with macromolecules." Lanthanide Biochemistry. In press. LLNL-BOOK-815285.