Developing and Characterizing New Tools for Actinide Processing Science

Jason Jeffries | 18-SI-001

Project Overview

Advanced manufacturing concepts offer a tantalizing avenue to simultaneously modernize actinide production tools and provide unprecedented insight into process-structure-property-performance relationships for actinide alloys. Applying new, advanced manufacturing processes to actinides is not trivial as these materials are fraught with many technical challenges ranging from reactivity to feedstock microstructure.

This research project advanced the state-of-the-art in advanced manufacturing with actinides, and it established key process–structure–property relationships with these new tools. We explored new ways of making metal components beyond traditional manufacturing, as well as commercial, off-the-shelf additive manufacturing techniques.

The research advanced concepts and established the technical basis of experimental equipment and modeling capabilities in these areas. High-temperature actinide synthesis is novel and central to the project. In addition, we established a new, air-free synthetic chemistry capability, and a new, single-crystal x-ray diffractometer was commissioned for radioactive materials.

Mission Impact

This project supports Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's core competency in advanced materials and manufacturing, including our expertise in actinide science. The project established critical technical infrastructure and modeling capabilities required for continued research and development in actinide science. 

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