Anti-Reflective Meta-Surfaces (ARMS) for High-Power Lasers

Eyal Feigenbaum | 18-ERD-005

Project Overview

We studied a method for modifying a thin layer on a substrate surface to alter its refractive index (i.e., a meta-surface , or MS). The MS fabrication process is based on substrate directional etching through a metal nano-particle mask, which is formed using dewetting of a thin metal layer. The local MS index depends on the mask nanoparticle (NP) fill factor (FF). We also showed that for sub-melting temperature (solid-state dewetting) the mask FF depends on the locally induced temperature. For applications requiring uniform index (e.g., anti-reflective layer) we used furnace-based dewetting, whereas for patterning the index for thin optics application we used computer-controlled laser beam raster. During the etching step, both the MS features' height and side-wall angle could be altered between cones and cylinders nano-features. We developed a predictive model for fabrication of anti-reflective meta-surfaces (ARMS) per a given reflection specification, and we validated it experimentally. We demonstrated broadband ARMS at the ultraviolet and at the near infrared. Laser-damage testing has shown relatively high threshold, as well as high mechanical robustness. This method is relatively simple and scalable, and the resulting MS is all-glass-made and robust; therefore, it offers the potential to advance high-power, high-energy laser optics technology.

Mission Impact

The ARMS technology developed during this is project is strongly aligned with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's core competency in lasers and optical science and technology, as well as advanced materials and manufacturing, specifically for material design and manufacturing and for scaling-up laser-optics designs. The technology enables new laser system designs and enhances the energetics, performance, and stability of high-energy/high-average power/short-pulse lasers. ARMS technology could advance critical components to laser system, such as anti-reflective coatings and diagnostics beam splitters, by its added flexibility of optical design—bandwidth, angular acceptance, reflectivity—and its laser and mechanical robustness.


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