High-Performance Computing Force Multiplier: Leading the Way for Extreme-Scale Converged Computing

Daniel Milroy | 22-ERD-041

Executive Summary

The goal of our project is to ensure that future high-performance computing and cloud converged workflows can more effectively use converged resources by reducing software complexity and increasing automation and performance. The innovative solutions developed during our project will support emerging, interdisciplinary, fundamental, mission-critical research that incorporates converged computing technologies.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Milroy, Daniel J., Claudia Misale, Giorgis Georgakoudis, Tonia Elengikal, Abhik Sarkar, Maurizio Drocco, Tapasya Patki, Jae-Seung Yeom, Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez, Dong H. Ahn, Yoonho Park. “One Step Closer to Converged Computing: Achieving Scalability with Cloud-Native HPC.” 4th International Workshop on Containers and New Orchestration Paradigms for Isolated Environments in HPC, CANOPIE-HPC@SC 2022, Dallas, TX, USA, November 14, 2022. IEEE.