Confined Coaxial Powder Extrusion

Maira Ceron Hernandez | 22-FS-006

Executive Summary

We will explore the feasibility of developing confined coaxial powder extrusion, a new capability aimed at increasing the carbonate loading within carbon dioxide sorbent materials produced through advanced manufacturing. We will develop a coaxial nozzle designed to work with an existing powder extrusion capability, and demonstrate extrusion of a carbonate powder core within a silicone shell, thereby determining whether this new capability can double the capacity of this material to capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Ceron Maira R., Jennifer Knipe, Alexandra Overland, Michael Troksa, Du Nguyen, Hannah Eshelman, and Joshua DeOtte. 2022. “Confined Coaxial Powder Extrusion (CCAPE).” IL-13750.