High-Performance Computing, Simulation, and Data Science


Computational Design Automation

Daniel Tortorelli (17-SI-005)


We are developing an automated design-optimization system for use in additive manufacturing.   >>


Large-Scale Multimodal Deep Learning for Nuclear Nonproliferation Analysis

Barry Chen (17-SI-003)


We are developing a deep-learning neural network system to discover and assess patterns in multimodal data gathered worldwide across all media fields for indicators.   >>


Learning-Based Predictive Models: A New Approach to Integrating Large-Scale Simulations and Experiments

Brian Spears (18-SI-002)


We are employing machine learning techniques to develop more accurate predictive models.   >>


Variable Precision Computing

Jeffrey Hittinger (17-SI-004)


Disruptive changes in high-performance computing hardware, where data motion is the dominant cost, present us with an opportunity to reshape how numbers are stored and moved in computing.   >>

Advanced Adaptive Optics Algorithms for Astronomical and X-Ray Applications
Lisa Poyneer | 17-ERD-063

Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners for Scalable Simulation of Reservoir Geomechanics and Multiphase Flow
Joshua White | 18-ERD-027

Computational Framework for Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Management of Large-Dimensional Dynamics Models
Xiao Chen | 16-ERD-023

Deep Multitask Learning for Predictive Oncology
Ana Paula De Oliveira Sales | 18-ERD-017

Dependency Resolution for High-Performance Computing Software
George Todd Gamblin | 18-ERD-051

Detecting Data Races in High-Performance Computing
Markus Schordan | 17-ERD-023

Failure Recovery Abstractions for Large-Scale Parallel Applications
Ignacio Laguna Peralta | 15-ERD-039

High-Dimensional Spectral-Sampling Techniques
Jayaraman Jayaraman Thiagarajan | 17-ERD-009

Improving Simulation Workflows: A Data Analytics Approach
Ming Jiang | 16-ERD-036

In-Memory Associative Indexing: An Approach to Efficient High-Performance Computing
Maya Gokhale | 16-ERD-005

Integration of Quantification of Margins and Uncertainties Methodology into Parallel Discrete Event Simulator Framework
Sergei Nikolaev | 18-ERD-025

Methods for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Gerald Friedland | 18-ERD-021

Modeling Spatial and Temporal Coupling in High-Contrast Laser Grating Compressors
Nils Petersson | 16-ERD-018

Modeling Thermal and Quantum Magnetic Fluctuations in Correlated Materials
Babak Sadigh | 17-ERD-041

Multiple-Rate Integrators for Differential Equations
Carol Woodward | 17-ERD-035

Projection-Based Model Reduction with Applications in Transport and Hydrodynamics Simulation
Robert Anderson | 17-ERD-026

Real-Time Decision Making in Swarm Situations Using Belief Networks
Gerald Friedland | 17-ERD-096

Robust Decentralized Signal Processing and Distributed Control of Autonomous Sensor Networks
Ryan Goldhahn | 17-ERD-101

Selective Removal of Ions from Aqueous Solutions
Patrick Campbell | 18-ERD-024

Simulation of Biased Random Walks in an Asynchronous Graph Framework
Geoffrey Sanders | 17-ERD-024

The Development of High-Order Interface Tracking Schemes for the Simulation of Multiphase Flows
Bryce Campbell | 18-ERD-053

Topology Optimization of Multifunctional Materials
Geoffrey Oxberry | 16-ERD-025

XPlacer: Extensible and Portable Optimizations of Data Placement in Memory
Chunhua Liao | 18-ERD-006