Investigating the Site of the Weak Rapid Neutron Capture Process

Wei Jia Ong | 19-ERD-036

Project Overview

The origin of the chemical elements heavier than iron and nickel in the galaxy is still an open question in nuclear astrophysics. One nucleosynthesis mechanism, the series of nuclear reactions which makes the elements, that is known to contribute is called the ‘weak rapid neutron capture process' (or ‘weak r-process') which occurs in core-collapse supernova. In the weak r-process successively heavier elements are made through a series of (α,n) reactions, where the nucleus of an atom captures an alpha particle (or He-4 nucleus) before emitting a neutron, thereby increasing the proton number by 2 and the neutron number by 1. Theoretical predictions for weak r-process nucleosynthesis are hindered by poor knowledge of (α,n) nuclear reaction rates on unstable nuclei and imprecise constraints on the astrophysical conditions due to lack of astronomical data. This project aims to test the weak r-process hypothesis through an improvement of the required nuclear data, measurement of meteoritic samples as a source of observational data, and the comparison between the calculated yields and the meteoritic samples. This is the first comprehensive study of the weak r-process which integrates nuclear physics, cosmochemistry, and computational astrophysics.

Mission Impact

This research increases the portfolio of cosmochemical research as well as that of the Space Science Institute at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The nuclear physics techniques tested in the project will have applications in measuring similar nuclear physics reaction cross-sections that are of interest to NNSA's stockpile stewardship mission. This highly interdisciplinary project is a potential seed for a larger nuclear astrophysics program at Livermore and brings together the expertise in the Nuclear and Particle Physics, Nuclear Data, and Chemical and Isotopic Signatures groups.

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