Programmable Time-Varying Spectral Encoding for Advanced Control of High-Energy, High-Power Laser Systems

Daniel Mittelberger | 21-ERD-034

Executive Summary

We are developing a novel capability to pattern the amplitude and wavelength of laser pulses at picosecond timescales. This research will expand the capabilities of high-energy, high-power laser systems, providing new tools to optimize laser-matter interactions and achieve breakthroughs in inertial confinement fusion, high-energy-density science, directed energy, and advanced manufacturing in support of national missions.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Mittelberger, DE, RD Muir, and JE Heebner. 2022. “Dynamic Wavelength Control of Laser Pulse Profiles at Picosecond to Nanosecond Timescales.” Optics Express 30 (2): 1875-1884.

Mittelberger, D., R. Muir, and J. Heebner. “Dynamic Wavelength Encoding with STILETTO: Enabling Arbitrary, Programmable Intensity and Wavelength vs. Time.” Paper presented at NIF & JLF User Group Meeting 2022. February 7-8, 2022. Virtual conference:….

Mittelberger, DE, R Muir, D Perlmutter, and J Heebner. 2021. “Programmable, Direct Space-to-Time Picosecond Resolution Pulse Shaper with Nanosecond Record.” Optics Letters 46 (8): 1832-1835.