High-Energy-Density Science

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
A Short-Pulse, Laser-Driven Particle Beam Capability 17-ERD-039 Tammy Ma Exploratory Research Final
Accurate Temperature Determination from X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Absorption Measurements 18-ERD-001 Federica Coppari Exploratory Research Progress
Defining the Direction of Nuclear-Plasma Interaction Research at the National Ignition Facility 18-ERD-061 Darren Bleuel Exploratory Research Final
Development of Beryllium Carbide Capsules for Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 19-FS-067 Abbas Nikroo Feasibility Study Progress
Development of Multilayer Laue Lenses for 25 Kilo-Electronvolt X-Ray Imaging 19-FS-044 Bernard Kozioziemski Feasibility Study Progress
Direct Measurement of Mass-Temperature Distributions in the Core of Implosions on the National Ignition Facility 18-ERD-015 Daniel Thorn Exploratory Research Progress
Effects of Magnetic Fields on Transport in Laser-Driven Nonequilibrium Plasmas 17-ERD-027 Gregory Kemp Exploratory Research Final
Effects of Pressure-Induced Ionization Potential Depression on Material Properties 17-ERD-025 Amy Jenei Exploratory Research Final
Electrodeposition of Gradient-Density Metal Films from Ionic Liquids 17-ERD-047 Corie Horwood Exploratory Research Final
Establishing a Laser-Driven Megaelectronvolt X-Ray and Neutron Radiographic Capability 19-SI-002 Andrew Mackinnon Strategic Initiatives Progress
Exploring Deuterium-Tritium Gas-Filled Hohlraums as a High-Yield Neutron Source 18-ERD-059 Matthias Hohenberger Exploratory Research Final
Exploring Laser-Produced Relativistic Pair Plasma Jets 17-ERD-010 Hui Chen Exploratory Research Progress
Foams in Hohlraums 17-ERD-118 Ogden Jones Exploratory Research Progress
Heavy-Metal Ceramic Hohlraums for Magnetically Assisted Ignition Targets 19-FS-062 Sergei Kucheyev Feasibility Study Final
High-Fidelity Kinetic Modeling of Plasmas in Z-Pinch and Pulsed-Power Configurations 18-ERD-048 Genia Vogman Exploratory Research Final
Imaging Dynamics of Defects Far from Equilibrium 18-ERD-063 Leora Dresselhaus-Cooper Exploratory Research Progress
Investigation of Ultrahigh-Pressure Phase Transitions in Metals with a Toroidal Diamond Anvil Cell 17-ERD-038 Zsolt Jenei Exploratory Research Final
Kinetics of Incipient Stages of Phase Transitions 17-ERD-014 Raymond Smith Exploratory Research Final
Laser-Plasma Interactions in Magnetized Environments 19-ERD-038 Yuan Shi Exploratory Research Progress
Metal Ejecta: Transport, Interaction, and Recollection 18-ERD-060 Alison Saunders Exploratory Research Progress
Microphysics Studies of Hohlraum Dynamics 17-ERD-060 Drew Higginson Exploratory Research Final
Modeling Hydrodynamic Instabilities and Mix in Hohlraums 19-FS-033 Daniel Clark Feasibility Study Final
New Design for Low-Mode Asymmetry Mitigation in Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions 19-FS-061 Andrea Kritcher Feasibility Study Final
Next-Generation Hohlraums for High Coupling Efficiency 17-ERD-119 Peter Amendt Exploratory Research Progress
Plasma Amplifiers to Enable Dramatic Increases in Laser Power and Energy to Access New Physical Processes 19-DR-011 Patrick Poole Disruptive Research Progress
Pressure Ionization in Ultra-High Density Plasmas 18-ERD-033 Tilo Doeppner Exploratory Research Progress
Probing Liquid Phases and f-Electron Systems at the Dynamic Compression Sector 18-ERD-012 Amalia Fernandez Panella Exploratory Research Progress
Quantum Leap for Fusion Energy Sciences 19-FS-072 Ilon Joseph Feasibility Study Progress
Quantum Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Electronic Transport in Nonlinear Regimes 18-ERD-031 Alfredo Correa Tedesco Exploratory Research Progress
Simulating Magnetized Particle Dynamics in Z-Pinch Plasmas 18-ERD-007 Mikhail Dorf Exploratory Research Progress
The Design of a Solid-State Streak Detector 17-ERD-032 Philip Datte Exploratory Research Final
Understanding Plasma Divertor Detachment in Fusion Power Reactors 17-ERD-020 Adam Mclean Exploratory Research Final
Unraveling the Physics and Chemistry of Water-Rich Mixtures at Extreme Pressures and Temperatures 19-ERD-031 Marius Millot Exploratory Research Progress
X-Ray Optics Solutions for Studying Mesoscale Science 18-ERD-014 Stefan Hau-Riege Exploratory Research Progress