Lasers and Optical Science and Technology


Advanced Multilayer Systems for National Security

Regina Soufli (17-SI-001)


We are developing an understanding of the physics of layer interfaces by investigating their physical and chemical properties, especially pertaining to ultrathin coatings on multilayer dielectric mirrors found in high-power laser systems.   >>


Fabrication of Functionally Graded Optical Components Using Additive Manufacturing

Rebecca Dylla-Spears (16-SI-003)


Using additive manufacturing methods, we are investigating new classes of functionally graded optical materials with spatially tailored changes in properties.   >>

Single-Shot Optical Recorder with Picosecond Resolution and Nanosecond Record Length
John Heebner | 15-ERD-055

Next-Generation Films for High-Performance Optoelectronics Applications
Selim Elhadj | 15-ERD-057

Compton-Scattering X-Ray Generation from Compact X-Band Accelerators
Roark Marsh | 15-ERD-067

Mechanisms of Pulsed-Laser Ablation, Damage, and Failure in Various Classes of Materials
Jeffrey Bude | 16-ERD-016

Efficient, High-Power Mid-Infrared Laser for National Security and Scientific Applications
Leily Kiani | 16-ERD-021

Active Adaptive Control of High-Energy, High-Repetition-Rate, Short-Pulse Lasers
Thomas Spinka | 16-ERD-038

HDRScope-The High Dynamic-Range Oscilloscope
Jason Chou | 16-ERD-045

Laser Beam Propagation Through Deep Turbulence
Stephen Ammons | 16-ERD-049

Enhanced Surface Laser-Damage Resistance of Nonlinear Crystals
Salmaan Baxamusa | 17-ERD-003

Science of Finishing of Novel Optical Materials
Tayyab Suratwala | 17-ERD-005

Technologies for High-Energy, Short-Pulse Laser Systems Beyond the Kilowatt Barrier
Andrew Bayramian | 17-ERD-033

Optically Safer, Power-Scalable Laser Systems for Defense Applications
Derrek Drachenberg | 17-ERD-034

Advanced Laser Diode Packaging
Jack Kotovsky | 17-ERD-056

New Framework to Prevent Catastrophic Damage to Laser Diodes
Paul Leisher | 17-ERD-069

A Compact High-Power, Radio-Frequency Directed-Energy Source
Adam Conway | 17-ERD-105

ARCHER: Advanced Radiographic Capability – High Energy and Resolution
Craig Siders | 17-ERD-122

Extreme Nonlinear Optics of Plasmas
Pierre Michel | 16-LW-022