Lasers and Optical Science and Technology

Fy2015 ldrd annual report

Picosecond Laser Interactions with Materials: Mechanisms, Material Lifetime, and Performance Optimization (14-ERD-014)

Thermal Management of High-Heat-Flux Laser Diodes Using Liquid––Vapor Phase Change (14-ERD-040)

Understanding the Creation and Reduction of Surface Microscale Roughness During Processing of Glass Optics (14-ERD-042)

Real-Time Adaptive X-Ray Optics (14-ERD-056)

Multichannel Air-Guiding Fibers to Transport Extreme Lasers and Enable High-Flux Particle Accelerators (14-ERD-070)

Short-Wavelength, High-Power Fiber Laser Sources (14-ERD-078)

High-Average-Power Diffraction Pulse-Compression Gratings Enabling Next-Generation Ultrafast Laser Systems (14-ERD-084)

Laser–Matter Coupling Mechanisms Under Varying Chemical and Particulate Surface Configurations (14-ERD-098)

Revisiting Phase-Locking Laser Diode Arrays (15-ERD-009)

Single-Shot Optical Recorder with Picosecond Resolution and Nanosecond Record Length (15-ERD-055)

Photonic Processors for High-Fidelity Diagnostics (15-ERD-056)

Next-Generation Films for High-Performance Optoelectronics Applications (15-ERD-057)

Compton-Scattering X-Ray Generation from Compact X-Band Accelerators (15-ERD-067)

Optimizing High Harmonic Generation in Ionized Plasma for Seeding of X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers (15-FS-007)

Mechanisms of Pulsed-Laser Ablation, Damage, and Failure in Various Classes of Materials (16-ERD-016)

Efficient, High-Power Mid-Infrared Laser for National Security and Scientific Applications (16-ERD-021)

Active Adaptive Control of High-Energy, High-Repetition-Rate, Short-Pulse Lasers (16-ERD-038)

HDRScope—The High Dynamic-Range Oscilloscope (16-ERD-045)

A New Architectural Approach for Diode-Pumped Advective-Cooling Gas Lasers (16-ERD-048)

Laser Beam Propagation Through Deep Turbulence (16-ERD-049)

Improved Coupling of Laser Energy to Targets (16-FS-006)

Ultrahigh Brightness Quantum-Controlled Electron Beams (16-FS-043)

Extreme Nonlinear Optics of Plasmas (16-LW-022)

Fabrication of Functionally Graded Optical Components Using Additive Manufacturing (16-SI-003)