Nuclear, Chemical, and Isotopic Science & Technology

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Project Title   Project Code   Principal Investigator   Project Type   Project Status  
Developing Photonuclear Experimental Capabilities for Nuclear Science and Security 18-ERD-013 Robert Casperson Exploratory Research Final
The Next Breakthroughs in Neutrino Physics 18-ERD-028 Michael Heffner Exploratory Research Continuing
Microresonators for Compact Optical Sensors 19-ERD-002 Tiziana Bond Exploratory Research Continuing
Development of Novel Ligand-Based Systems to Study the Chemical Properties of the Transactinides 19-ERD-003 John Despotopulos Exploratory Research Continuing
Beta Decay at the Limits of Nuclear Stability: Integrating Ab Initio Calculations and Kinematically Complete Measurements 19-ERD-011 Aaron Gallant Exploratory Research Continuing
Nuclear Reaction Theory for Astrophysics and Laboratory Applications 19-ERD-017 Jutta Escher Exploratory Research Continuing
Investigating the Site of the Weak Rapid Neutron Capture Process 19-ERD-036 Wei Jia Ong Exploratory Research Continuing
Addressing Unresolved Questions About the Solar System with New Lunar Samples from the Apollo Missions 20-ERD-001 Gregory Brennecka Exploratory Research Continuing
Deciphering Fingerprints of Stellar Nucleosynthesis Through Nuclear Reaction Rate Measurements and Isotopic Analyses of Stardust 20-ERD-030 Brett Isselhardt Exploratory Research Continuing
The Nuclear Science of Asteroid 16 Psyche 20-ERD-039 Morgan Burks Exploratory Research Continuing
Probing the Structure of a Perfect Liquid Using Jets and Machine Learning 20-ERD-041 Aaron Angerami Exploratory Research Continuing
Nuclear Analytics: Enabling New Multimodal Approaches to Nuclear Threat Detection 20-ERD-045 Jonathan Dreyer Exploratory Research Continuing
Establishing Hands-On Astrophysics at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 19-FS-028 Reto Trappitsch Feasibility Study Final
Utilizing Radioactive Isotopes Harvested at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams for Neutron-Reaction Measurements 20-FS-024 Richard Hughes Feasibility Study Continuing
Connecting Nuclear Structure to Stellar Astrophysics: Neutron Skin in Tin Isotopes 19-LW-004 Jack Silano Lab-Wide Final
Using Moderately Volatile Elements to Understand the Origin of the Earth-Moon System 19-LW-027 Josh Wimpenny Lab-Wide Continuing
Proliferation of Interstellar Plutonium into the Solar System 19-LW-033 Reto Trappitsch Lab-Wide Continuing
Discovering the Nature of Neutrinos: How Nuclear Theory Will Advance This Grand Endeavor 19-LW-039 Kyle Wendt Lab-Wide Final
Using Isotope Probing of Microbe-to-Microbe Interactions to Determine the Fate of Carbon and Impacts on Climate Change 19-LW-044 Ty Samo Lab-Wide Continuing
Constraining the Origin of Earth’s Water with Isotope Tracers in Astromaterials 19-LW-046 Erik Oerter Lab-Wide Continuing
Two Nucleon Interactions and Their Effect on the Visible Universe and the Dark Universe 20-LW-001 Pavlos Vranas Lab-Wide Continuing
A Search for Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter 20-LW-006 Stephan Friedrich Lab-Wide Continuing
Constraining the Habitability of Mars When Water Flowed on Its Surface 20-LW-008 William Cassata Lab-Wide Continuing
Elusive Actinium: A First Glimpse into the Coordination Chemistry of Element 89 20-LW-017 Gauthier Deblonde Lab-Wide Continuing
Redefining the Geologic Timescale of the Solar System by Accurately Determining the Half-Life of Samarium-146 with Magnetic Microcalorimeters 20-LW-024 Geonbo Kim Lab-Wide Continuing
Understanding Angular Momentum in Nuclear Fission 20-LW-045 Aaron Gallant Lab-Wide Continuing
Nuclear Reaction Theory in the Precision Era: Probing New Physics in the Early Universe 20-LW-046 Konstantinos Kravvaris Lab-Wide Continuing
Ultrahigh-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy Using Cyclotron Radiation Emission 20-LW-056 Nathan Woollett Lab-Wide Continuing
Identifying the Influence of Environmental Effects on Post-Detonation Chemistry and Debris Formation 20-SI-006 Kimberly Knight Lab-Wide Strategic Initiative