Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
A New Science-Based Paradigm Enabling Microstructure-Tailored Additive Manufacturing of Metals 18-SI-003 Strategic Initiative Final
Accelerated Multi-Modal Manufacturing Optimization 20-ERD-036 Exploratory Research Continuing
Accelerating Feedstock Optimization Using Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis Techniques 19-SI-001 Strategic Initiative Final
Acoustic and Electromagnetic Characterization for Accelerated Development of Additive Manufacturing 19-ERD-008 Exploratory Research Final
Advanced Alloys for Emerging Challenges 21-ERD-037 Exploratory Research Final
Advanced Manufacturing of Net-Shape Leading Edge Geometries for Hypersonic Flight 19-DR-002 Disruptive Research Continuing
Advanced Photopolymer Materials Engineering for Multiscale Additive Fabrication 19-ERD-012 Exploratory Research Final
Advanced Quantitative Metrology and Characterization for Manufacturing 20-SI-001 Strategic Initiative Continuing
Bespoke Gold Foams via Xerogel Templating 21-ERD-010 Exploratory Research Continuing
Characterizing Materials for Quantum Computing 20-ERD-010 Exploratory Research Continuing
Climbing over Energy Barriers: A New Paradigm for Accelerating Kinetics 19-DR-001 Disruptive Research Continuing
Developing an Understanding and Control of Electrochemical Deposition Processes for Functional Coatings on Complex Three-Dimensionally Printed Substrates 20-ERD-056 Exploratory Research Continuing
Development of Magnetic Nanostructures and Their Composites for Efficacious and Lightweight Millimeter Wave Absorbers 20-LW-039 Lab-Wide Final
Development of Metastable High Entropy Alloys for Additive Manufacturing 21-ERD-046 Exploratory Research Continuing
Dual Wavelength Negative Imaging Digital Light Processing Stereo Lithographic Apparatus 20-FS-042 Feasibility Study Final
Dynamic Polymer Networks for On Demand Degradable Adhesives, Scaffolds, and Templates 21-FS-009 Feasibility Study Final
Electrostatic Powder Dispenser for Additive Manufacturing Processes 21-FS-033 Feasibility Study Final
Exascale-Ready Modeling to Predict Recrystallization in High-Temperature Materials 19-ERD-026 Exploratory Research Final
Glass Inks for Three-Dimensional Printed Fiber Preforms and Telescope Optics 19-ERD-020 Exploratory Research Final
High Energy Density Supercapacitors 20-ERD-019 Exploratory Research Continuing