Optimizing Performance Through Parallelism-Aware Compilation

Giorgis Georgakoudis | 20-FS-015

Project Overview

Compilers generate sub-optimal executable code for parallel high-performance computing (HPC) applications by forfeiting compiler optimization due to lack of parallelism awareness. This project investigated the feasibility of parallelism-aware compiler optimization by quantifying both the performance potential of missing standard compiler optimizations and the possibility of developing parallelism-specific optimizations. We developed FAROS: a Framework to Analyze OpenMP Compilation through Benchmarking and Compiler Optimization Analysis, to quantify and pinpoint missing standard compiler optimizations in parallel programs, showing that sub-optimal parallelism compilation results in up to 2.35 times slowdown. Further, we found that the most viable high-impact parallelism-aware optimization is to extend the compiler with semantic information conveyed through the existing interface to the OpenMP parallel runtime and develop a first iteration of a parallel region merging optimization in the LLVM compiler. FAROS has had immediate impact by identifying the reasons for sub-optimal compiler optimization on HPC applications of interest to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, while extending the compiler for parallelism-specific optimization is a promising avenue for future impact by speeding up execution of parallel HPC applications.

Mission Impact

This research supports the Laboratory's core competency in high-performance computing, simulation, and data science. Our findings show that parallelism-aware compiler optimization is promising to significantly reduce execution time of mission HPC applications, including NNSA stockpile stewardship simulations, on current and future-generation HPC systems. The results of our parallelism-aware compiler optimization study benefit multiple HPC applications, importantly, without requiring development effort for manually optimizing each individual application.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

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