Nuclear Threat Reduction

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
Additive Manufacturing of Post-Detonation Surrogate Debris Reference Materials 18-FS-004 Tashi Parsons-Davis Feasibility Study Final
Deployable, Automated Chemistry-on-a-Chip Platform for Nuclear Forensics 19-ERD-016 Narek Gharibyan Exploratory Research Progress
Efficient, Portable Radioxenon Collection for Nuclear Test Monitoring 19-FS-016 Samuele Sangiorgio Feasibility Study Final
Experimental Determination of the Uranium-239 Neutron Capture Reaction by Measurement of Uranium-240 by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 18-FS-023 Scott Tumey Feasibility Study Final
Modeling Nuclear Cloud Rise and Fallout in Complex Environments 18-ERD-049 Katherine Lundquist Exploratory Research Progress
Pioneering Stable Isotope Signatures of Nuclear Proliferation 18-ERD-016 Jennifer Matzel Exploratory Research Progress
Probing Photon Fusion for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider Using Proton Tagging 18-LW-061 Finn Rebassoo Laboratory-Wide Competitions Progress
Rapid Laser Processing of Nuclear Debris 19-FS-001 David Weisz Feasibility Study Final
Short-Pulse Interrogation for Detection of Special Nuclear Materials 19-FS-034 Yuri Podpaly Feasibility Study Progress