Nuclear Weapons Science

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
Development of a Low-Cost High-Throughput Ejecta Drive 18-FS-026 Jose Sinibaldi Feasibility Study Final
Examining an On-the-Fly Movable Boundary Capability for Simulations of Unsteady High-Speed Aerothermodynamic Flows 19-FS-045 Gregory Burton Feasibility Study Final
Flash X-Ray Computed Tomography for Three-Dimensional Characterization of Explosive Performance 18-ERD-052 Kyle Champley Exploratory Research Progress
Learning-Based Predictive Models: A New Approach to Integrating Large-Scale Simulations and Experiments 18-SI-002 Brian Spears Strategic Initiatives Progress
Quantifying Uncertainties of Microscopic Nuclear Theories 18-ERD-008 Nicolas Schunck Exploratory Research Progress