Bioscience and Bioengineering


An Investigational Platform of the Human Brain for Understanding Complex Neural Function

Nicholas Fischer (17-SI-002)

We are developing a fully validated and functional first-of-its-kind model of the central nervous system that recreates the human brain's microenvironment and architecture.



A Computational Approach to Improve Prediction of Off-Target Drug Binding Using Membrane Bilayer Effects
Helgi Ingolfsson | 18-ERD-035

A Handheld Medical Diagnostic Device for Harsh Environments
Matthew Coleman | 18-ERD-045

An Experimental Platform and Model for Tumor Growth and Response to Therapeutics
Elizabeth Wheeler | 17-ERD-121

Bioprinting Breast Cancer In Situ to Study Cell Communication in Disease Progression
Claire Robertson | 18-ERD-062

Characterizing Host–Pathogen Immunity Gut–Brain Interactions
Gabriela Loots | 16-ERD-007

Computational Design of Broadly Neutralizing Vaccines for Highly Mutable Pathogens
Felice Lightstone | 17-ERD-043

Construction of Genetic Sense-and-Respond Modules to Detect Viral Infection
Kenneth Overton | 18-ERD-034

Detection of Upwind Pathogens Using Aircraft and Ground Stations
Crystal Jaing | 18-ERD-044

Engineering a Therapeutic Microbe for Infection-Site Delivery of Encapsulated Antimicrobial Peptides
Mimi Yung | 17-ERD-013

Longitudinal Monitoring of Ribonucleic Acid Content of a Live Cell with a Nanotube Pore Interface
Aleksandr Noy | 18-ERD-011

Microbial Characterization of Combat-Patient Wounds to Improve Healing
Nicholas Be | 17-ERD-031

Multimodal Learning on Big Brain Data
Alan Kaplan | 16-ERD-034

Optical Interconnect for High-Density Neural Signals
Razi-Ul Haque | 18-ERD-042

Stable Isotope Probing and Viromics: Quantifying Virus–Host and Carbon Cycling Dynamics in Soil with Isotope-Targeted Metagenomics
Steven Blazewicz | 18-ERD-041

Synthetic Biology and Computational Modeling for Prediction of Viral Virulence
Monica Borucki | 17-ERD-019

The Engineered Micro-Sensor Array
Anna Belle | 16-ERD-035