Multiple-Rate Integrators for Differential Equations

Carol Woodward | 17-ERD-035

Executive Summary

We are developing time integration software that accommodates widely varying timescales commonly found in multiphysics simulations, such as atmospheric climate modeling, where cloud microphysics, fluid dynamics, and ocean currents each evolve at different rates. This research supports national missions that rely on complex simulations, such as energy and nuclear security.

Publications and Presentations

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Woodward, C. S. 2018. "Coupled Systems, Numerical Libraries, and High Performance Computing: How Do We Bring These Together?" International Conference on Terrestrial Systems Research: Monitoring, Prediction, and High Performance Computing, Bonn, Germany, April 2018. LLNL-ABS-743608.

Woodward, C. S., et al. 2018. "An Overview of the SUNDIALS Suite of Time Integrators and Nonlinear Solvers with a Look Toward Exascale Computing." SIAM Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, July 2018. LLNL-ABS-744969.