Space Security

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
A Search for Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Dark Matter 17-ERD-120 William Dawson Exploratory Research Progress
Design and Optimization of Compact Multi-Mission Telescopes 17-ERD-046 Alexander Pertica Exploratory Research Final
Instrumenting a Fleet of Small Satellites for Monitoring the Earth’s Upper Atmosphere 19-FS-029 Matthew Horsley Feasibility Study Final
Integration of Quantification of Margins and Uncertainties Methodology into Parallel Discrete Event Simulator Framework 18-ERD-025 James Leek Exploratory Research Progress
Next-Generation Search for Solar Axion Dark Matter with the International Axion Observatory 17-ERD-030 Julia Vogel Exploratory Research Final
Photonic-Software-Defined Radio 19-FS-011 Apurva Gowda Feasibility Study Final
Positioning, Navigation, and Timing with High-Accuracy Astrometry 17-ERD-004 Willem De Vries Exploratory Research Final
Tunable Optoelectronic Materials for Next-Generation Infrared Detectors 19-ERD-029 Anna Hiszpanski Exploratory Research Progress