Nuclear Chemical and Isotopic Science and Technology

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
A Search for Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter 20-LW-006 Lab-Wide Final
Addressing Unresolved Questions About the Solar System with New Lunar Samples from the Apollo Missions 20-ERD-001 Exploratory Research Final
Cosmogenic Tracers to Reveal the Sensitivity of Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystems to Changing Climate 21-LW-071 Lab-Wide Final
Deciphering Fingerprints of Stellar Nucleosynthesis Through Nuclear Reaction Rate Measurements and Isotopic Analyses of Stardust 20-ERD-030 Exploratory Research Continuing
Dense Plasma Focus Neutron Source for Nuclear Forensics 22-FS-036 Feasibility Study Final
Development of a Novel Neutron Source for Next-Generation Neutron Scattering Experiments 22-ERD-026 Exploratory Research Continuing
Earth’s Leaky Core: Identifying Signatures of Core Materials in the Lithosphere 21-LW-046 Lab-Wide Final
Fission with Exotic Nuclei 21-ERD-001 Exploratory Research Continuing
How Rapid is the Rapid Neutron Capture Process? 21-LW-032 Lab-Wide Continuing
Hunting Sub-gigaelectron-volt Dark Matter with Diamonds and Magnetic Microcalorimeters 22-FS-011 Feasibility Study Continuing
Laying the Foundation for a Nuclear Reactions Program using Rare Ion Beams and Artificial Intelligence 22-ERD-020 Exploratory Research Final
Noble Gas Cosmochemistry 22-FS-038 Feasibility Study Final
Nuclear Analytics: Enabling New Multimodal Approaches to Nuclear Threat Detection 20-ERD-045 Exploratory Research Final
Nuclear Detective Work in the Early Universe: The Mysterious Origin of Protein-Rich Stable Nuclei 22-LW-029 Lab-Wide Continuing
Predictive Ternary Reactions for Stellar Nucleosynthesis 22-LW-003 Lab-Wide Continuing
Probing the Structure of a Perfect Liquid Using Jets and Machine Learning 20-ERD-041 Exploratory Research Final
Redefining the Geologic Timescale of the Solar System by Accurately Determining the Half-Life of Samarium-146 with Magnetic Microcalorimeters 20-LW-024 Lab-Wide Final
Reverse-Engineering the Neutron-Nucleus Interaction 21-ERD-006 Exploratory Research Continuing
The Incredible Shrinking Proton 21-LW-034 Lab-Wide Final
The Nuclear Science of Asteroid 16 Psyche 20-ERD-039 Exploratory Research Final