Glass-Engraved Meta-Optics for High-Power Lasers

Eyal Feigenbaum | 21-ERD-002

Executive Summary

We are developing a novel method to implement a variety of key optical elements for high-power lasers as ultrathin metasurface optics. The resulting technology could improve laser system performance and make laser systems less prone to damage and less expensive.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Yoo, J.-H., N. J. Ray, M. Johnson H. T. Nguyen, E. Feigenbaum. 2022. “Laser-Assisted Tailored Patterning of Au Nanoparticles Over Inch-Sized Area: Implications for Large Aperture Meta-Optics.” ACS Applied Nano Materials 5: 10073–10080.

Ray, N.J., J.-H. Yoo, H. T. Nguyen, E. Feigenbaum. 2022. “Designer Metasurfaces for Antireflective Applications Enabled by Advanced Nanoparticle Technology.” Adv. Opt. Mat 10: 2270037.