Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


The LDRD FY18 annual report contains two parts:

  1. The overview. This section introduces readers to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the LDRD program, describes the program's structure and management, and provides an update on portfolio statistics, scientific accomplishments, and metrics of performance.
  2. Individual project reports. This section contains detailed final reports of all projects that concluded in FY18. Final reports contain a description of the project's background and objectives; an inventory of the scientific results achieved; and a summary of the impact of the project to DOE, NNSA, and Laboratory missions. References and a cumulative list of the publications and presentations produced over the project's duration are also provided. This section also contains brief descriptions of projects that are ongoing.

Project reports are organized by field of research and project type, such as feasibility studies, exploratory research, and so on. (See section "Types of Projects" for a complete list of project types and descriptions).

Every project is assigned a three-element tracking code:

  • The first element is the fiscal year in which the project began.
  • The second represents project type.
  • third identifies the serial number of the project within its fiscal year.

For example, the tracking code "18-FS-001" identifies a feasibility study that began in FY18, with a serial number of 001.

Note that some project reports are withheld from publication due to classification but are available through the appropriate channels.