Exploring a Novel Way to Mitigate Surface Damage in Tokamaks

Michael Campanell | 21-ERD-009

Executive Summary

We will model the effects of electron emission from surfaces in tokamaks, a type of magnetic fusion energy device, using simulation codes and validation experiments to determine whether these emissions can reduce material damage to tokamaks. This research supports national energy security by helping us overcome a principal challenge in achieving practical fusion energy.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Campanell, Michael D., Alex Friedman and David P. Grote. “Simulations of the Plasma-Wall Transition with Oblique Magnetic Field, Collisions, and Electron Emission.” Presentation at the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics Annual Meeting. Pittsburgh, PA. November 8-12, 2021.

Campanell, Michael D. “Electron-Emitting Surface Phenomena in Low-Temperature Plasma Devices and Tokamaks.” Invited presentation at the Gordon Research Conference in Plasma Processing Science. Andover, NH. July 24-29, 2022.