Exploring Laser-Produced Relativistic Pair Plasma Jets

Hui Chen | 17-ERD-010

Project Overview

In recent years, laser pair research has identified key characteristics of relativistic pairs—features that enable the study of astrophysical models for observations, including gamma ray bursts, black holes, and blazars. This type of study is further supported by accumulated laser pair research data and the availability of large, short-pulse lasers, such as the Advanced Radiographic Capability (ARC) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's National Ignition Facility (NIF). For our project, we proposed and were awarded three experimental days on NIF. To achieve the intensity needed to accelerate electrons to a significant fraction of the speed of light, we experimented with a built-on-target parabolic cone with the goal of enhancing laser intensity to the level needed for pair creation. Due to the success of our experiments, nearly all ARC experiments have adopted this target design. In addition, we obtained novel experimental data on pair jet-plasma and jet-jet interactions from Laboratory basic science experiments on the Omega EP lasers and on the Gekko LFEX lasers. Our results have set the stage for future pair-plasma interaction experiments.

Mission Impact

This project builds on Livermore's core competency in high-energy-density science, specifically to the Laboratory's unique laser and diagnostic capabilities to produce and understand unique plasmas. This research supports NNSA's mission to manage the nuclear stockpile and DOE's goal to translate basic science research into technical innovations.

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