Nuclear Threat Reduction

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Project Title   Project Code   Principal Investigator   Project Type   Project Status  
Pioneering Stable Isotope Signatures of Nuclear Proliferation 18-ERD-016 Jennifer Matzel Exploratory Research Final
Modeling Nuclear Cloud Rise and Fallout in Complex Environments 18-ERD-049 Katherine Lundquist Exploratory Research Continuing
Deployable, Automated Chemistry-on-a-Chip Platform for Nuclear Forensics 19-ERD-016 Narek Gharibyan Exploratory Research Continuing
Narcissus-Enabled Compact Thermal Hyperspectral Imager 20-ERD-005 Jay Bixler Exploratory Research Continuing
Developing Compositional Control During Additive Manufacturing of Surrogate Debris Reference Materials and Microanalytical Standards 20-ERD-021 Tashi Parsons-Davis Exploratory Research Continuing
Short-Pulse Interrogation for Detection of Special Nuclear Materials 19-FS-034 Yuri Podpaly Feasibility Study Final
Probing Photon Fusion for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider Using Proton Tagging 18-LW-061 Finn Rebassoo Lab-Wide Final
The Next Frontiers in Rare-Event Detection for Science and Security 20-SI-003 Nathaniel Bowden Strategic Initiative Continuing