Energy and Resource Security

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Project Title   Project Code   Principal Investigator   Project Type   Project Status  
Selective Removal of Ions from Aqueous Solutions 18-ERD-024 Patrick Campbell Exploratory Research Final
Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners for Scalable Simulation of Reservoir Geomechanics and Multiphase Flow 18-ERD-027 Joshua White Exploratory Research Final
Improving Durability in the Next Generation of Photovoltaic Materials Through Discovery and Mitigation of Interface-Based Degradation Mechanisms 20-ERD-060 Jonathan Lee Exploratory Research Continuing
Hot Plasma Etching of Gallium Nitride 19-FS-005 Sara Harrison Feasibility Study Final
Enabling Optimized Charging of Electric Vehicles in Mobility Services 19-FS-030 Ruben Glatt Feasibility Study Final
New Experiment–Theory Capability for Atomic-Level Imaging of Interfaces in Solid-State Batteries 19-FS-056 Liwen Wan Feasibility Study Final
Development of Operando Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Capabilities for Solid-State Battery Research 20-FS-012 Maxwell Marple Feasibility Study Final
Functional Metal Coatings on Three-Dimensional Substrates 20-FS-021 Monika Biener Feasibility Study Final
High-Flux Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia in Ionic Liquid 20-FS-022 Maira Ceron Hernandez Feasibility Study Continuing
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Removal from Water by Plasmonic-Photocatalysis 20-FS-049 Allan Chang Feasibility Study Continuing
Manufacturing Molecules for the Carbon Economy 19-SI-005 Eric Duoss Strategic Initiative Continuing