Elucidating Algal-Bacterial Community Interactions by Tracking Volatile Biomarkers

Matthias Frank | 19-FS-035

Executive Summary

This study explores the feasibility of using model algal-bacterial co-cultures to develop an analytical tool to achieve a better understanding of how microorganisms interact with each other at the molecular level. Successful results would enable a potentially powerful tool with application to bioenergy, algal bioproducts and agriculture, and carbon capture.

Publications, Presentations, Etc.

Reese, K., et al. 2019. "Profiling of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Headspace of Algal Cultures as Biomarkers of Stress or Microbial Symbiosis." 2019 ANACHEM/SAS Symposium, November 2019, Livonia, MI. LLNL-ABS-789646.