High-Energy-Density Science

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
A Kinetic Transport Model for Magnetized Radiation-Hydrodynamics 22-ERD-034 Exploratory Research Continuing
A New Data-Driven Standard Solar Model 22-ERD-048 Exploratory Research Continuing
Behavior and Utility of Flow or Turbulence in Compressing Plasma 20-ERD-058 Exploratory Research Final
Breaking Beams: A Kinetic Treatment of the Filamentation and Forward Scatter of Laser Beams in Plasma 22-ERD-042 Exploratory Research Continuing
Dopants for High Density Carbon 21-ERD-048 Exploratory Research Continuing
Driving Design with Cognitive Simulation 21-ERD-028 Exploratory Research Continuing
Exploring a Novel Way to Mitigate Surface Damage in Tokamaks 21-ERD-009 Exploratory Research Continuing
Extending Equation-of-State Measurements to Gigabar Pressures 22-ERD-005 Exploratory Research Continuing
Finite Temperature Structure Prediction 22-FS-014 Feasibility Study Continuing
Foam Fills for Laser-Plasma Instability Suppression 21-ERD-041 Exploratory Research Continuing
High-Repetition-Rate Diagnostics with Integrated Active Control for a New Paradigm of High-Energy-Density Experiments 21-ERD-015 Exploratory Research Continuing
Inferring Heat Flow in Laser Absorption Regions using Diagnostic Magnetic Fields 21-FS-051 Feasibility Study Final
Interatomic Potentials: A Framework for Generating Quantum-Accurate Material Models 21-ERD-005 Exploratory Research Continuing
Investigating the Relationship Between Microstructure and Dynamic Response Using X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers 21-ERD-032 Exploratory Research Continuing
Magnetically Assisted Ignition 20-SI-002 Strategic Initiative Final
Measurement of Mutual Diffusion in Warm Dense Matter 21-ERD-029 Exploratory Research Continuing
Plasma Amplifiers to Enable Dramatic Increases in Laser Power and Energy to Access New Physical Processes 19-DR-011 Disruptive Research Final
Plasma Transport at the Nexus of Measurement and Modeling 20-ERD-035 Exploratory Research Continuing
Pulsed-Plasma Sputter Deposition of Diamond-Like Carbon Ablators 22-FS-027 Feasibility Study Final
Scalable and Accurate Simulation of Magnetized Plasmas 20-ERD-038 Exploratory Research Final