Beam-Combined Pulsed Fiber Lasers

Charles Yu | 21-ERD-004

Executive Summary

We are developing a beam-combined pulsed fiber laser that will validate a pathway to kilowatt-class average power. This high-average-power device fills a void among high-repetition-rate lasers that is critical for a variety of national security applications such as long-range illumination and isotope separation.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Yu, C. X., V. Khitrov, P. Pax, C. Mart, M. Runkel, M. Messerly, J. Dawson, J. Zhang and M. Dubinskii, 2022, “First demonstration of dispersion-shifted LMA silica fiber in a high-power 1.6-mm laser.” Accepted by Fiber Lasers XIX: Technology and Systems, San Francisco, CA 2022.