Electrodeposition of Gradient-Density Metal Films from Ionic Liquids

Corie Horwood | 17-ERD-047


Our research explored ionic liquids as an alternative electrolyte for the electrodeposition of metals. Using a small subset of the thousands of ionic liquids possible, we studied the effect of ionic liquid anions on metal diffusion and reduction. In parallel, we used molecular dynamics to elucidate metal solvation behavior and to compute solvation energies of metal ions in ionic liquids. We demonstrated the ability to electrodeposit metals from ionic liquids, including aluminum, which cannot be electrodeposited from water.

Our results advanced the field of electrodeposition from ionic liquids by providing a stable reference electrode to compare experimental results in many different ionic liquids. Additionally, we provided the first study of how anions affect reduction potentials of metals, and we determined a framework for computing reduction potentials in ionic liquids. The project has also laid the groundwork for electrodepositing metals such as beryllium to reduce the expense of Inertial Confinement Fusion ablators.

Impact on Mission

Our work supports Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's inertial fusion science and technology mission focus area as well as NNSA's goal of advancing the science, technology, and engineering competencies that are the foundation of the NNSA mission. Our results have made the Laboratory a recognized leader in electrochemistry in ionic liquids.

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