Energy and Resource Security

Project Highlights


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Project Title Project Code Project Type Project Status
Advanced Membranes for Electrochemical Technologies 21-ERD-013 Exploratory Research Continuing
Climate Resilience for National Security 22-SI-008 Strategic Initiative Continuing
Developing a Predictive Catalysis Framework for Upgrading Sustainable Alcohols 22-LW-033 Lab-Wide Continuing
Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide with Ocean Wave Energy 22-FS-004 Feasibility Study Final
Enabling Stable Lithium Metal Anodes for Next-Generation Solid-State Batteries 22-ERD-043 Exploratory Research Continuing
Encoding High Specificity and Multiplexing in Nanoporous Gas Sensors 21-ERD-024 Exploratory Research Continuing
Ending Electrolyte Degradation in Aqueous Flow Batteries: Enabling Low-Cost Alternatives for Scalable Grid Storage 22-DR-014 Disruptive Research Continuing
Exploiting Hydrogen-Induced Phase Transformations for High-Temperature Applications 22-ERD-002 Exploratory Research Continuing
Exploring Whether Subsurface Fluid Production can Minimize Triggered Seismicity in Geothermal Fields 21-FS-044 Feasibility Study Final
Gallium Nitride Superjunction Fin Field Effect Transistor 21-ERD-036 Exploratory Research Continuing
High-Pressure Electrochemistry in Condensed Gases and Supercritical Fluids 21-LW-057 Lab-Wide Final
Improving Durability in the Next Generation of Photovoltaic Materials Through Discovery and Mitigation of Interface-Based Degradation Mechanisms 20-ERD-060 Exploratory Research Continuing
Polar Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Global Non-Convex Optimization in Energy Networks 22-FS-013 Feasibility Study Final
Radiative Cooling of Any Sky-Facing Surface 21-LW-006 Lab-Wide Final
Ultra-High Water Recovery Desalination with Record Thermodynamic Efficiencies 22-DR-011 Disruptive Research Continuing