Lasers and Optical Science and Technology

Project Title Tracking Code Author Project Type Project Status
Advanced Multilayer Systems for National Security 17-SI-001 Tommaso Pardini Strategic Initiatives Final
Anti-Reflective Meta-Surfaces (ARMS) for High-Power Lasers 18-ERD-005 Eyal Feigenbaum Exploratory Research Progress
Arbitrary Control and Characterization of Laser Waveforms and Interactions at Picosecond Resolution over Long Record Lengths 18-ERD-029 Ryan Muir Exploratory Research Progress
Assessment of Laser-Damage Performance of Meta-Surface Material to Enable High-Speed Laser Beam Control 19-FS-032 Selim Elhadj Feasibility Study Progress
Energy Scaling of Thin-Disk Lasers 18-ERD-038 Thomas Spinka Exploratory Research Progress
Enhanced Surface Laser-Damage Resistance of Nonlinear Crystals 17-ERD-003 Salmaan Baxamusa Exploratory Research Final
Germanium Photodiode Arrays for Hard X-Ray Imaging 19-ERD-001 Arthur Carpenter Exploratory Research Progress
HDRScope—The High Dynamic-Range Oscilloscope 16-ERD-045 Peter Devore Exploratory Research Final
Improving the Performance and Efficiency of Diode-Pumped, High-Power Lasers 19-FS-002 Robert Deri Feasibility Study Final
Minimizing Absorption on Optical Surfaces of Gas Lasers 17-ERD-099 Benjamin Haid Exploratory Research Final
Optical Sampler for Broad-Spectrum Sensing 19-FS-018 David Perlmutter Feasibility Study Final
Photonic Transceivers for Secure Radio Frequency Communications and Radar 19-ERD-039 Jason Chou Exploratory Research Progress
Plasma Photonics: Manipulating Light Using Plasmas 18-ERD-046 Pierre Michel Exploratory Research Progress
Science of Finishing of Novel Optical Materials 17-ERD-005 Tayyab Suratwala Exploratory Research Final
Short-Pulse Laser Ablation of Energetic Materials for Threat Object Interrogation 18-FS-039 Nan Shen Feasibility Study Final
Technologies for High-Energy, Short-Pulse Laser Systems Beyond the Kilowatt Barrier 17-ERD-033 Emily Link Exploratory Research Final
The Physics of Confined Laser Ablation and Its Applications 19-ERD-027 Wesley Keller Exploratory Research Progress
Time-Resolved Two-Dimensional Streak Camera 19-FS-073 Matthew Dayton Feasibility Study Progress
Using Nanoparticle Sol Gels to Prepare Custom, High-Purity Optical-Fiber Preforms 19-FS-003 Andrew Lange Feasibility Study Final