Using Isotope Probing of Microbe-to-Microbe Interactions to Determine the Fate of Carbon and Impacts on Climate Change

Ty Samo | 19-LW-044

Executive Summary

Our goal is to quantitatively assess the role ocean microbes play in climate change now and in future ocean conditions. We will study microbe-to-microbe interactions during glycolate metabolism to determine the extent to which the microbial feedbacks mitigate or exacerbate carbon dioxide emissions, information that could inform strategies that support climate security.

Publications, Presentations, and Patents

Samo, T. J., et al. 2020. "Determining Bacterially Mediated Fate of Carbon: A Stable Isotope Approach with a Selection of Cultivated Marine Bacteria." Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, CA, February 2020. LLNL-PRES-805478