Large-Scale Multimodal Deep Learning for Nuclear Nonproliferation Analysis

Barry Chen | 17-SI-003


This project developed artificial intelligence algorithms to help nuclear nonproliferation analysts sort through vast amounts of unlabeled multimodal data in the form of text, images, and videos and quickly find data that pertain to the equipment, technologies, materials, and processes used in the development of nuclear fuels. These algorithms make it possible for analysts to process much larger quantities of data, enabling them to find evidence of proliferation processes earlier and more thoroughly.

Impact on Mission

This project supports Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's core competencies in high-performance computing, simulation, and data sciences and advances Livermore's nonproliferation mission. New capabilities developed as a result of our work helped Livermore establish three new programs in Global Security, of which the NA-22 Advanced Data Analytics for Proliferation Detection (ADAPD) Venture Project is the most significant. ADAPD is a five-lab, five-year research program developing novel data science algorithms to help analysts detect and characterize nuclear proliferation activities. This work also supports the biosecurity mission of the Laboratory and is generating interest in cooperative research and business ventures from industry partners.

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